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IT'S GOING SWIMMINGLY together we will make a big splash!

In mid-January 2016, we secured an exclusivity clause with Leeds City Council which means that while we develop our plans the Council will not enter into negotiations with other interested parties – recognising us as the preferred bidder for the old Otley Lido site. We are delighted for the support of Otley Town Council, Leeds City Council officers and Councillors including local Otley resident and Leeds City Council Leader Judith Blake. We also have the support of our local MP. We are on track with our project management team looking at the feasibility and developing a business plan.

We have established a Community Interest Company which means that any moneys we raise are wholly put towards the project. This company is registered at Company House (No. 10008956) and all accounts published in the public domain. In the event that the plan becomes not viable any funds we raise are donated to a similar minded Community Interest in the local community. But we do not intend to fail!

We are now at the stage where we need to raise money to develop a professional feasibility study and business plan which will involve us engaging organisations. We also need publicity and materials to promote the organisation so as to broaden the support we have.

We are at the phase of needing capital which is why we are out there promoting the plan and encouraging people to join with us. Once we have established this is a feasible project we will be applying for Funding to raise the money we will need to do this.There are plenty of other Lido projects that are securing funding with similar schemes around the country restoring outdoor swimming pools. This is an ambitious but not a foolish project.

Please contact us for more details.



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