8th October 2021

Crowdfunding update: huge boost as Sport England pledge £10,000!

Friends of Otley Lido received a huge boost today from Sport England who has pledged £10,000 as part of the ‘Activate Your Space’ scheme. We engaged with Sport England prior to launching the crowdfunder campaign and extensive dialogue has been on-going ever since.

Sarah Langli on behalf of Friends of Otley Lido committee: "We are absolutely delighted - and so grateful to Sport England – to receive this pledge which recognises the value of our project to our community. We have all been working so hard behind the scenes to engage with our larger potential funding bodies - such as Sport England - and today this has paid off. We are delighted beyond words and I shed a tear when I heard the news".

You can pledge to our crowdfunder campaign at

Sport England

Established by Royal Charter in 1996, Sport England is funded by the government and the National Lottery. It is determined to give everyone in England the chance to benefit from sport and physical activity regardless of age, background or ability. It does that by working collaboratively to run campaigns, award funding and build partnerships with organisations big and small. It’s ‘Uniting the Movement’ strategy is the 10 year vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity. Read more about Sport England here.

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The pledge will be added to our crowdfunder campaign shortly. There are conditions attached – primarily that we still need to hit our target of £53,000. We are now significantly closer to achieving that after this generous pledge from Sport England.

Progress Update

We are now 19 days into our crowdfunding campaign and have pledges – including Sport England – worth over £23,000. We could not have done it without you! Sport England has regularly reviewed our progress. Our community - and beyond - have not let us down! Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far by:

  • pledging money at  

  • offering rewards and displaying our banners - if you can help please visit our dedicated page here

  • spreading the word and speaking so positively about what we are trying to achieve

  • engaging with us on social media

The crowdfunding campaign has 23 days remaining – we are not even at the half way point but we have already raised almost half the total. We cannot afford to let this opportunity slip away from our community – we must hit the target! The valuable contribution from Sport England shall be lost if we do not.

We were about to provide an update on the crowdfunding campaign when we received the news from Sport England. We have been working hard behind the scenes to secure funding for our project from various sources. Sport England is one of several we have been exploring. Discussions with others are on-going and are progressing well. Some potential funders have previously pledged significant amounts to our project but – for various reasons – these need re-approving or re-confirming in the current context. Others are waiting to see how our campaign progresses and want us to demonstrate strong community support. The pledge from Sport England demonstrates our ability to secure funding and we shall continue our extensive engagement with all potential funders.


It has not all run smoothly though! We have now overcome some initial challenges particularly surrounding the progressing and processing of the great rewards businesses have donated to us and which we are then able to offer to you! We have new rewards being posted daily and more in the pipeline. Keep checking our crowdfunder page, website and follow us on social media to receive notifications when new rewards are added.

How You Can Help

We understand some potential pledgers may wait until the end of the campaign. We would strongly encourage anyone who is waiting to pledge now so we can continue to build momentum. Hopefully, this in turn, shall convince others – who are also waiting – to pledge as they see the target is not insurmountable. It also helps demonstrate community support for our project during discussions with potential funders.

If you support our project but are sceptical we shall hit our target and therefore don’t see the point in pledging please remember this: if we do not hit our target then your pledge will not be taken! What have you to lose!? Why wait!? It is inevitable that if people wait to pledge some will forget. The campaign will end and the opportunity will have been missed. The pledge from Sport England will be lost.

We understand we have asked a lot of our community – and beyond – during this campaign. You have responded brilliantly! We have one more thing to ask…please continue the wave of enthusiasm and amazing support you have demonstrated so far. This shall ensure the best possible outcome.  


We have come a long way in the first 19 days of this campaign. We still have 23 days to raise the remaining funds. Do not let this amazing opportunity pass our community by! Current and future generations deserve the same opportunity as the generations before them – a leisure venue that brings our community together and improves health and well-being. Together we can make this happen!


And finally, please pledge now. Don’t wait!


Thanking each and every one of you for your amazing support.

Friends of Otley Lido