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After the outdoor (swimming) pool - as it became known by the end of the 20th century - closed in 1993 it had a short period as a leisure facility featuring crazy golf and children's play areas.

It now stands derelict in Wharfemeadows Park - a popular and otherwise attractive riverside park featuring a children's play area, boats, skateboarding park, tennis courts and scenic walks.

The condition of the buildings and the compact size of the site means it is not financially viable or functionally desirable to incorporate the existing buildings into our plans for the site.

However, the site has the potential to boast amazing views across Lower Wharfedale. Its location on the banks of the River Wharfe with a southern aspect facing The Chevin and western aspect providing unobstructed views to the west.

You can read more about how we intend to maximise the potential of the site at 'Our Vision' - click here.


Overhead photo courtesy of Catapult Films

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