We are grateful to a multitude of businesses who recognise the social, health and economic benefits that our project shall bring and have supported us in various ways; from hosting a collection box or banner in their premises, donating goods and services, and undertaking fundraising.

Our gratitude goes out to:

Opportunities for Businesses

We have a variety of opportunities available for businesses:

  • donate a reward for our crowdfunding campaign

  • host our crowdfunding banners or collection boxes

  • advertise on the lido site hoarding in Wharfemeadows Park

Please browse our dedicated 'Opportunities' page here.

  • A. Teale & Son Ltd.

  • Alan Peel Decorators Ltd

  • Andrew Hillas Properties Ltd

  • Asda (Otley)

  • Aura Jewellery

  • B&TS Builders Merchants

  • Beks Electrical & Hardware

  • Browse Time

  • Buttercups Play Centre

  • Casa Vitae

  • Chevin Cycles

  • Cohens Chemist

  • Courtyard Planters

  • Cranberry Sandwich Bar

  • Gifted Angel Hair Salon

  • Hardisty & Co.

  • Harriets

  • Isca

  • Little Corner of the World

  • Little Munchkins

  • Mosaic Mania

  • Michelle Hodgson Music & Singing

  • NatWest

  • Neal Jeffrey Building Contractor

  • O’Deli Café

  • Otley Boats

  • Otley Post Office

  • Paint It Hardware

  • Patisserie Viennoise

  • Print Crew

  • Sainsbury's (Otley)

  • Shadow Brewing

  • Shake-it Milkshake Bar

  • The Black Horse

  • The Bowling Green – JD Wetherspoon

  • The Fleece

  • The Yew Tree

  • Waitrose (Otley) – Community Matters

  • Weegmann’s

  • Wharfedale Tutors

  • Whitakers

  • Wrenbeck News

  • Zeppo Creative

We try our best to ensure this list is both accurate and up to date. However, if we have omitted your business please contact us using the form or contact details at the bottom of the page.