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A Community Interest Company aiming to redevelop the derelict Otley baths

into a vibrant, year-round community venue featuring a heated lido

Community owned  Community run  Benefitting the community

In February 2016, Friends of Otley Lido (FoOL) was established as a Community Interest Company - a social enterprise that uses its profits and assets for the benefit of the community -  and registered with Companies House in England & Wales (Company Number: 10008956).

We are a group of professional and dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the benefits our project can bring to the community - not just to health and fitness but also socially, economically and to mental well-being. Our vision, mission and values guide our approach and decision-making.

Our committee is made up of volunteers and we are always looking for individuals to join our team. Enthusiasm and passion are the main requirements. If you have specific skills or experience that you can contribute even better! Please contact us.

Our vision is for a community owned and run venue that benefits our community through regenerating the site of the former baths into a modern, vibrant, year-round venue featuring a heated lido.

Since our inception, we have been busy advancing our plans for the derelict site in a multitude of ways. Our FoOL timeline provides a history of our organisation and our major achievements.

Our aim is for our project to be a catalyst for - or complementary to - other initiatives to regenerate or add leisure amenities in Wharfemeadows Park and the town more generally. To achieve this, we continually engage with our partners and supporters and actively seek out new partnerships that are aligned with our objectives. We are always keen to hear from organisations, businesses and individuals who can help us progress our plans.

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