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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: These are extraordinary and unprecedented times and we want to wish all our supporters the warmest of wishes and good health .

We will all come through this stronger and more resilient and even more community minded. Most of our efforts this spring were directed to finalising our plans - bringing in the funds we need to secure our Otley Lido and in so doing holding plenty of events which obviously cannot proceed for public health reasons.

As volunteers with day jobs in the local community in public service roles it also is for us as a committee to mind how we can do this when we usually meet regularly in person each week to plan our fundraising and funding efforts.

We have now switched to virtual meetings and using all the available technology we are able to continue our work to bring the Otley Lido to fruition.

Please know that our commitment and dedication to the Otley Lido remains as ever and we will come through this stronger, more determined and committed than we already are.

While you are 'working from home' you might have some time to help us deliver on our commitment to bring our Otley Lido to fruition. You might have skills to help us out now while we are also doing our own day jobs. So, for example, you might help out with our IT support, helping us ensure our website is looking really professional, helping us with our fundraising / funding bids and generally help on how we can continue to secure funding for the Otley Lido. You might also have ideas on how we can raise the funds we need whilst we can't hold public events. Please help!

We need you to help us make a Big Splash! Get in touch - Pooling Community Power!
Stay safe folks and good health. and please share to all your friends!

With much love from:
The Friends of Otley Lido Volunteers.

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