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Would you like to publicise your business through our online platforms - whilst simultaneously supporting a local community initiative – all at potentially no cost to you? Read on!

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

We are currently crowdfunding. You may be aware of our campaign from a flyer delivered to your home or business premises, press coverage, our social media posts (please follow us and we shall add you for our mutual benefit), or from our presentation to the Otley Chamber of Trade on Tuesday 21st September 2021.

Sport England has an extra funding pot linked to crowdfunding campaigns and we are seeking £10,000. The advice we have received is that rewards need to have broad appeal. In general, around 35% of pledges for any campaign come from people who may not normally donate but like the rewards and/or feel like they are getting a bargain!

Read more about our crowdfunding campaign at

How You Can Help!

We would be grateful for the donation of goods or services that we could offer as rewards to those who pledge to our campaign. We understand that Covid-19 has had a detrimental impact on many businesses and therefore your pledge need not be a standalone good or service – though they would be most welcome! Perhaps you could offer a loss leader that offers your business the opportunity to cross-sell and generate additional income when the reward is used or subsequent to that. These could be anything from discount vouchers (e.g. 2-for-1 meals, half price haircuts, etc.) to introductory services (e.g. a free boiler service, free financial review) that offer your business the opportunity to generate subsequent income.

How Do You Benefit?

Firstly, we shall publicise your business on our platforms:

  • Crowdfunder page - alongside your reward there will be a link to your business website and/or social media

  • Social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we have thousands of followers

  • Website – both our home page latest news section (here) and our latest news page (here) shall publicise your reward and business. Additionally, we shall add you to our page dedicated to businesses who are supporting our project (here)

Secondly, discounts and introductory services offer a good opportunity for your business to generate additional income on the day the good or service is used or on subsequent occasions.

Finally, your pledge is linked to our success. If we do not achieve our fundraising target then your pledge will not be distributed. You shall have received the publicity and goodwill from supporting our community organisation at no cost to you!

How To  Pledge

Please email us on with:

  • A description of what you are donating plus any terms and conditions

  • The quantity available

  • RRP of your donation

  • Details of your website and/or social media

  • Your logo and a few words we can use to advertise your business

  • A short quote about why you are supporting us (optional)

If you would like to pledge but are unsure what to offer please email and one our team shall contact you to discuss it.

Please note our crowdfunding campaign finishes on 1st November 2021 and your pledge would only be distributed after that date and if we hit our target.


If you are able to display one of our crowdfunding banners - measuring 2m x 1m - then please contact us at

In return, we shall publicise your business on our social media platforms and our website.

Advertise On Our Hoarding

We also have opportunities available to advertise your business on the lido site hoarding. This is approximately 25m long and runs alongside the river adjacent to the children’s play area in Wharfemeadows Park. Levels of footfall are high all year round with walkers, dog walkers, and families visiting the play area.

Our advertising panels are high quality and can be professionally designed by our creative partner Zeppo Creative who shall work with you to bring your advertisement to life!

Additionally, we shall publicise your business on our social media platforms and our website.

If this is an opportunity that interests you please email

About Us

Friends of Otley Lido is a Community Interest Company aiming to redevelop the derelict Otley baths into a modern, all year round leisure venue featuring a heated lido with a retractable roof. In addition to the health and well-being benefits for the community, the project shall bring economic benefits to the town - and hence to your business - through increased footfall and our desire to work in partnership with local businesses to provide a better visitor experience.

Our website contains a plethora of information so please take a look around!

Many businesses have already supported our project. We are grateful to each and every one and have dedicated a page on our website to them (here). Also, take a look at our social media to see how we have publicised buainesses. We hope a few more of you shall wish to join our journey today and believe this can be the start of building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Wishing you every success with your business moving forward!

Friends of Otley Lido

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